For more than a century, Vilac has created unique and timeless wooden toys. The French brand masterfully combines its long-established savoir-faire with its passion for crafting durable, wooden children’s toys. It’s no wonder that generations of children have grown up playing with Vilac toys. Wooden toys don’t break, they just get better with time and can be passed on to generations to come. Whether it’s the brand's traditional children’s toys or their new collaborations with contemporary illustrators and designers, when it comes to wooden toys Vilac know best. We particularly love the brand’s creations by Nathalie Lété, but any number of items from Vilac are bound to delight. From ride-on and pull-along toys to musical instruments and wooden fruit and veggies, the collections from Vilac always inspire.

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Vilac Puzzle Touch And Feel
Regular price 6.000 KD
Vilac Puzzle Touch And Feel
Regular price 6.000 KD
Vilac Breakfast Set
Regular price 13.000 KD
Vilac World Magnetic Map
Regular price 20.000 KD
Vilac Memory Game
Regular price 9.000 KD
Vilac I Learn Counting Vegetables
Regular price 15.000 KD
Vilac In The Stars Galaxy Counting Game
Regular price 16.000 KD


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