Collection: Tampoco

It all started during the long COVID-19 lockdowns. We realized the best activity in the world was baking with our toddlers, but we couldn't find a proper set of baking utensils that will 'respect' our kids. We weren't looking for a chef hat. We were looking for a real -high quality- set, something that considers the size of our kids' sticky hands, the way they hold a spoon when they stir the bowl, something that will be easy to clean, functional and well designed.

So we gathered all the super- hero- unicorn women around us and decided to design the perfect set ourselves.

Everyone on the team is covered in flour- from the product designer, to the photographer and the production manager in the factory- we are all aunts and moms, kitchen lovers, design consumers.


We believe in superb quality, ergonomic design, and real life esthetics (AKA: mess), and we hope we help you create some unforgettable moments with your tough cookies too.