Hundred Pieces

Hundred Pieces is a clothing brand for children and teenagers with a passion for materials, cuts and graphics. The collection currently consists of 100 easy to wear pieces, each with a strict emphasis on quality, style, prints and accessibility in terms of price. A cool collection of offbeat essentials, which draws inspiration from urban culture and vintage sportswear, while pleasing parents by always keeping children at the forefront of their designs.

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Rocky HP Sweatpants
Regular price 20.000 KD 2.000 KD Sale
Amazing Family HP Sweater
Regular price 24.000 KD 7.200 KD Sale
Explosion HP Sweater
Regular price 22.000 KD 2.200 KD Sale
Corduroy HP Shorts
Regular price 26.000 KD 2.600 KD Sale
Palm Smile HP Basket Bag
Regular price 14.000 KD 7.000 KD Sale


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