Eleanor and the Eagle

Eleanor and the Eagle

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To take in some air away from a noisy and polluted city, Eleanor flies away on the wings of a beautiful eagle friend to Merano. Here she finds the meadows in bloom, many different varieties of trees along the Tappeiner promenade, the smell of fresh herbs, beautiful buildings and the gunpowder tower that stands out on the lush green surroundings of the city. She discovers the local food and animals of the forest, local traditions and language on a journey that will allow her to go back home with a different, greener and more Merano-like conscience.

The book is part of the larger “Primavera Meranese” project, a multi-faceted festival and one of the many initiative focused on the dialogue between art and nature in order to discover – or rediscover – Merano in a new and exciting way. Harriet Russell reinterprets the city’s extraordinary landscape and heritage in an illustrated story.The project draws inspiration from the Ópla collection, the archive of artists’ books for children at the Biblioteca Civile in Merano, and it is the first of a series of books to be known as “Primavera Meranese”.



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